Friday, March 27, 2009

My feeling~

My feeling now is no longer floating^^
My heart beats returned to the normal after struggling for the past fewdays!
I felt release after telling all my thinking and understand the real situation!
I learnt to face problem from everyone around me without avoiding!
I knew some of the truth even by today only, 8 i feel great, coz i know the truth!
I never get angry if u know you are wrong and u apologize!
I always pray, not for myself.. is for my frenz.. i hope they are always good and fine!
I appreciate ur kind, cause u settle down our problem!
I knew it will be fine because of all hard work you had done!
I knew to admit our own fault is not that easy,
I feel great because all of us knew whats our mistake..
I finally can have a sleep without thinking much..
I looking at the moon, and its smiling to me..
I looking to the star and its greeting with me..
I am not insane but i am getting fine..
I think i am having good mood, thats why everythings is fine, even the star will say hi to me..
I promised everyone not to think for the past!
I know i can do it, because u will be always kind with me!
I believe i will always fine with all of you, because all the things had an ending point!
My mind is full of you, hoping to share my feeling with you once my problem settledown.. but the monent i call, u had already dreaming about me!
I am sure, tomorrow will be a sunny day, because i know the sun is going to smile with me!
I am extremely tired, but writing a blog, can cheer me up,
I am going to bath and dry my hair..
I might be still sleeping when u read this blog! HAHA~
I will always update my blog! even its all about me for this moment, and
I believe, somethings different will be post very soon..

So, plz always updated ur information about me by visiting my blog^^
feel free to leave a comment so tat i can understand u,
words can express my feeling all the time..
8 most of the time, i choose to share with the only you!
and its the time to say good9 =p